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Kora Tamaragua is the name of our new project on the island of Tenerife, which, in a nod to the island’s aboriginal language, welcomes its guests. “Tamaragua” in Guanche means “here comes the guest” and is still used today as a greeting among the islanders.

Kora Tamaragua is a spectacular project that consolidates our presence on the island of Tenerife and stands out for its location, sea views and architecture. The complex is located in the municipality of Puerto Santiago, known worldwide for having among its tourist attractions the spectacular cliffs of Los Gigantes, one of the natural jewels that the island of Tenerife has to offer and a must-see in the Canary Islands.

Our new resort has 114 homes, is set nine storeys above the hillside and is fully orientated towards the spectacular views of the ocean and the neighbouring island of La Gomera. The flats, terraces, swimming pools and gardens are specially designed to enjoy some of the best views and sunsets in the world. Thus, every morning, La Gomera and the Atlantic greet each other with the guests as witnesses.

In figures, Kora Tamaragua is an imposing project with 21,000 m2 built and 13,000 m2 dedicated to outdoor areas and terraces. It has a 600 m2 infinity pool and more than 6,000 m2 dedicated to the lush vegetation of the island. It also offers all kinds of services such as a wellness area, gym, pool club, food area with local produce, meeting rooms, bike zone…


Kora Tamaragua represents the real estate evolution as it combines intelligent investment with flexible use: “Invest Model” or “Reside Model” Which do you prefer?


We have designed an intelligent real estate investment product, based on flexibility, with two available models “Investment Model” and “Reside Model” that owners can choose, depending on the personal use they want to make of their property. These investment modalities can be modulated according to the typology of the investor depending on the range of time they want to use their property personally; a week, a month, six months…

In the “Reside Model” the investor wishes to use his property as a first or second residence and in the “Invest Model” the investor wishes to make the investment profitable by renting it out with a subrogated management contract and guaranteed profitability, choosing the range of personal use he wishes to make. A unique and different proposal, with the maximum flexibility of enjoyment and profitability that counts on our guarantee and experience to carry out a professionalised management of the operation through our Kora Living accommodation brand.