We Specialized in (5) vectors:

  •  Asset  Search Kategora Nature Respect Environment and  Analysis 

    We sweep and filter data from real estate sales portals and index them using artificial intelligence to generate heat maps and identify client niches. Our diagnosis of this processed data allows us to provide optimal advice and accurate projections on strategic purchasing decisions.

    Asset Selection We carry out the selection, acquisition, active management, operation and selective rotation of prime assets, offering higher than average returns in the sector.
    Wide Network Kategora has a network of contacts and a bagage that allows you to access offmarket opportunities only available to certain buyers.
    Sweep and Filter Data We sweep and filter data from real estate sales portals and index them using a BOT to obtain heat maps. The correct interpretation of this properly processed data allows Kategora to provide optimal advice on strategic purchasing decisions.
  •  Investment  Vehicles Kategora Nature Respect Environment
    Profiling and Prospecting We propose solutions, opportunities, and tailor investment vehicles and structures that optimize profitability.
    Custom Investments We promote real estate investment vehicles in which an investor club participates. We develop Joint Ventures individually designed to meet specific real estate investment needs.
    Proactivity We identify each investor profile and propose partners with compatible and complementary profiles to ensure the best relationships between investors and the optimal operation of investment vehicles. This is accomplished through the implementation of partner agreements, bylaws, protocols and many other solutions envisaged to ensure smooth decisions by our attorneys.
  • Kategora Nature Respect Environment Project  Management 
    Entire Life Cycle Rehabilitation and construction projects in order to reduce time and cost of execution of works. Our technicians exercise rigorous control on site ensuring compliance with quality standards and the proper development of the approved building design.
    Single Relationship Integrated contract, bidding the works in successive contests and lots, and negotiating with construction companies and suppliers to achieve the best value for money.
    Cost Savings Thanks to our purchasing team, we take advantage of the volumes we manage to achieve relevant savings in the cost of materials, which is more efficient as the complexity of the project increases.
  •  Sales Kategora Nature Respect Environment Management 
    Triple Analysis Prospecting (demand), management and supply; Kategora optimizes the return on investment through sales through online and traditional channels.
    Consolidated Experience The buyer profile is identified to create an adequate image of the product through the tender of decoration, selection and design of renders, and the subsequent application of online and offline marketing techniques.
    Private Investors Interested in finished product and profitability that allows us to speed up transactions considerably, considerably reducing risks and the sales gap.
  •  Property  Management Kategora Nature Respect Environment
    Specialized in Tourism Accommodation models with rotating services based on apartments, with innovative concepts of living together. For this we incorporate cutting-edge technology that provides a differentiated experience at the user level. We focus on the prime areas of the centers of the main cities to ensure high occupancy rates.
    We are part of the Team We care that our buildings are always in optimal conditions to face a possible sale. That is why we dedicate important items to the maintenance and aesthetics of real estate and incorporate cutting-edge technology at the management and customer level, ensuring significant savings in operating costs.
    Specialized in Assets Our model allows the ownership of independent units but managed in the exploitation unit, with the objective of making the asset more profitable and, at the same time, more liquid for the investor.