Nivaria Golf & Marina

Architecture that listens to the environment.


Nivaria Golf & Marina is the merging of talents from Makin Molowny Portela, a prestigious architecture studio, and Febrero Studio, widely acclaimed for its achievements in interior design.

The result is a resort of apartments revolving around a central hub of common areas designed for enjoyment and co-living. The complex is comprised of two levels with characteristics inspired by the local terrain and environment, creating a sustainable resort designed to respect and be part of the island.

  • Golf
  • Spa
  • Kids Club
  • GYM
  • Parking
  • Swimming Pools
  • Restaurant
  • Coworking





Nivaria Golf & Marina is designed and built following rigorous sustainable parameters. The resort is integrated into the environment with smart buildings aimed to take care of the environment.

To reduce the impact on the environment and the ecological footprint, Km 0 materials are prioritized whenever possible. This, together with the implementation of active and passive efficiency measures, minimizes consumption and emissions, respecting and contributing to the conservation of the island.


  • Photovoltaics panels
  • Priority use of recycled materials
  • Energy recovery systems
  • Water-saving systems in faucets
  • Use of greywater
  • Use of rainwater
  • Energy-efficient design
  • High energy-efficient lighting
  • Low water consumption for gardening

Nivaria Golf & Marina is created and designed to be enjoyed by international tourists, without forgetting the professionals from all over the world who temporarily choose Tenerife as their preferred remote work destination.

For this reason, the complex offers services and spaces for fun, leisure and for work-related activities.

  • Ground Floor
  • Floor 1




The Apartments

  • A Typology
  • B Typology
  • Be Typology
  • C Typology
  • Ce Typology
91 square meters

Homes with one and two spacious bedrooms and south-facing terraces. The complex will offer services such as reception, cleaning, heated pools, gym, beach club, kinder garden, kids club, teenagers club, wine cellar, outdoor playgrounds, adult recreation areas, workspace, and a bike center.




An island

on outside

a world

on the inside.

Nivaria. This is what the ancient Romans called the island of Tenerife, referencing the snowfall at the summit of the Teide volcano. This is where Nivaria Golf & Marina inherits its name from.

The resort, located right on the coast and next to the San Miguel de Abona marina, is surrounded by the best golf courses on the island, making it a world-class tourist destination.


Sustainable  proyect,

smart investment.

Tenerife is an ideal market to invest since it is a place where homes are constantly revalued (4.2% annual increase in 2016) and there is also no seasonality, maintaining an average of 80% occupancy.

Price* 220.000€ (IGIC NOT INCLUDED) * storage room included


Year 1

Year 2

Year 3

  • Built area (m2) 91 m2
  • Weighting Coefficient 1.10%
  • Fixed income (3,5%) € 8.925 € 8.925 € 8.925
  • Variable Income € 363 € 3.305 € 8.107
  • Total Income € 9.288 € 12.230 € 17.032
  • Yield 3,64 % 4,80 % 6,68 %
  • Leveraged Yield (60 %)** 9,11 % 11,99 % 16,70%
**The suggested simulation assumes a mortgage with 2% interest rate and american repayment.
The price includes storage room. Kategora will also offer furniture packages and all the necessary high quality, high durability equipment.
Payment Calendar
Three payments of 15% each during the construction. 55% will be pending until the deed.
6% Profitability per Rental
Kategora will manage the rental throughout the year and generate quarter return (up to 3,5% annual). At the end of the year the rental income of the entire complex will be distributed contributing an additional 2.5%.
Kategora Membership Rewards
Free week in low and mid season of availability and a 20% discount in projects leadered by Kategora