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The objective is to acquire land and properties worth €50M each year, to reach a cruising speed that will allow the annual commercialization of complexes worth €150M.

Kategora presented at the beginning of the year its growth plan for 2022-2026, developed by acquisitions and management teams, in which the main lines aim to foster the expansion process to become one of the main players in the spanish hotel and complexes development field.

The company has been immersed in an expansion process since 2019, supported by its business model based on a comprehensive proposal that covers end-to-end the value chain, from land acquisition to the development, commercialization and operation of hotel and co-living complexes. In these three years, the company has doubled in size and has developed 3 new projects: Nivaria Beach in Tenerife, Kiraly Boutique in Budapest and URA Vitoria, which will open this summer in the Basque capital.

With the aim of cementing this growth process, the plan presented has three main points:

– Implement an exhaustive and continuous search process in the target markets to identify and acquire 4 lands/buildings each year.

– Reaching a cruising speed that will allow the opening of 4 complexes each year for an estimated value of 150 M€.

– Expand the family of investment partners, offering the possibility of investing also to the owners of the acquired properties.

In order to carry out this ambitious plan, the acquisitions team has been provided with new resources, both in terms of staff and technology and digital tools.

Kategora’s acquisition model is arousing interest among land owners, especially those who want to develop their plots but do not have the technical and financial capabilities to do so. In the scheme used by Kategora, landowners can use the value of the property to become a development partner in the project.

Kategora provides the necessary tools and advice to optimize the taxation of the sellers’ operation, ensuring a significant return and offering the opportunity to remain attached to the developed complex through alternative reinvestment formulas.

The plan presented also indicates which will be the priority search areas. This would be the case of the Costa del Sol, Costa Blanca, Costa Brava, Balearic Islands, Costa Gaditana and the main capitals of both Spain and Portugal. The buildable surfaces must have at least 3,000-4,000 m2 and preferably have a tertiary-hotel use.

In the acquired plots Kategora will develop its three reference products: its holiday line, sustainable resorts designed to maximize the comfort of visitors and digital nomads from around the world; and its two urban lines, sustainable co-living complexes designed for young professionals, and a more exclusive line of boutique hotels.

Looking ahead to 2022, Kategora is already marketing a new vacation project in Amarilla Golf, Tenerife, where sales are already advanced, and is preparing three new projects of its urban lines in Andorra, Pamplona and Valencia, the latter a 400-apartment co-living complex. With these new developments, the number of beds under management will exceed 3,000 by 2024.