KATEGORA INVESTMENTS is an International Real Estate Consultancy with 25 employees and several offices in London, Ireland, Spain, Poland, Hungary and Romania.

Since 2004 we manage and offer Real Estate Investment opportunities in foreign markets. Our added Value: Profit, Proximity and Transparency.

  • Profit: Our branches manage customers and offer them the best investmentopportunities and the branches which manage the properties get the highest yields.
  • Proximity: We close the distance between the owner and the property. Theagent is close to the owner updating them on the status of their property.
  • Transparency: The online QDEA Property Management website allows our customers to know exactly the status of their properties: pictures, scanned invoices, incomes, expenses…

We received “Best Spanish 2006 newCO” award by Pricewaterhouse Coopers.

More than 600 clients around the world guaranteeing our reputation.

We are close to our clients and their investments.

We offer our customers knowledge, security and experience in the international markets to avoid all entry barriers.