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Traditionally, the London property market has been remains and will be the safest and most demanded in Europe.

In recent years, this market is being further strengthened because a large number of investors from European, Asian and Middle Eastern countries have decided to put their savings into less risky investments, buying residential property in London (United Kingdom)

London’s housing market offers a security that no other market in Europe can offer. Because it is a very dynamic market that also offers ample liquidity difficult to obtain in any other European market. As a global financial center, the demand for rentals both in private and corporate level has an annual growth that remains sustainable over the years.

Kategora, is a company that specializes in advising property investors around the world, and offers advice to London property investors. Investment in areas such as Kensington, Battersea Park, Chelsea and London Bridge will make your investment a safe bet, obtaining a high level of income for rent, always with occupancy levels approaching 100% and a good projected growth in the medium term.

Since 2003 the pound has suffered a sharpdepreciation against the euro coming down from the £1.60/€ to £ 1.17/€ today. This factor makes the local currency investment doubly attractive to foreign investors as there is a medium-term forecast that the pound will recover against the €.

In 2012 the Olympic Games will be held in London. This is the largest global sporting event, a unique event for the city that will bring benefits such as improved transport infrastructure, creation of new jobs and an improvement in tourism in the city during and after the Games. Upon completion of the Olympic Games, the Olympic Village will provide new homes on the market that will help cover the lack of supply of homes currently on the market.

Due to the strict regulations of the British Government there are a relatively small number of new residential developments. Therefore, investment in new or like-new residential projects in areas ofdemand for quality properties, it becomes even more attractive because of the limited supply of new housing that the London property market today offers.

kategora london property market