qdea property management

Using its many years of combined expertise and knowledge Kategora has created its very own bespoke Property Management Portal for investors and property managers alike. It offers a revolutionary piece of software to make all aspects of your property investment seamless and hassle free.

Both,  clients and Kategora portfolio managers can access this secure and reliable online portal 24 hours a day. www.qdea.me. This allows you to keep a check on your investments at any given time from any location.

Through the QDEA Property Management system, Kategora can offer its clients:

  • Up to date information on the current state of the property.
  • Photos and plans of the progress of works and housing status.
  • Tenant information.
  • Incoming and outgoing tenant information.
  • Relevant Documents and contracts. Itemised income and expenditure statements.
  • including invoices.
  • Cashflow Generating tools.
  • Alerts system.