Kategora Property Search Advisory Services in London

At Kategora we work on behalf of investors to find only the best property investments in London.

For most property investors, purchasing a property represents one of the most important decisions they have ever made.

When you decide to use the services of Kategora to advise you on your next investment in London you will benefit from a dedicated service saving time, stress and money as well as receiving an added value from and honest, expert and knowledgeable advisory firm that will enable you to make the right property investment.

Kategora┬┤s comprehensive bespoke property buying advisory service includes (but not limited to):

Property search: We will source the best London properties for you, on and off market, until we manage to find what you are looking for.
Property viewings: We will arrange and accompany you to all viewings for properties you may be interested in.
Financial reports: Preparation of financial cash flow reports for each property of which you may have an interest.
General property reports: We will also issue a report advising of any specific matters that need to be taken care of such as issues with leases, technical problems, listed buildings restrictions etc.
Negotiation: We use our experience when negotiating once we have found the right property for you in order to achieve the best purchase conditions, saving you an average of 5% to 12% off the original listing prices.
Completion: We will then manage the whole process once the deal has been agreed to ensure the sale goes through.
Refurbishment service: In the event you decide to buy a property in need of refurbishment we can offer a full refurbishment service that will enable you to save thousands of pounds on your property investment.
Recommend third parties: Mortgage brokers, solicitors, surveyors, tax advisors etc.