kategora places

After traveling around the world for business purposes I never had the chance to feel like at home: small hotel rooms, frequent check in check outs, high prices, eating outside, paying for ever extra service: internet, cleaning… But now with Kategora Places¬†it is possible.

Kategora Places provides cozy accommodation. 

Kategora Places are a unique collection of Apartment Hotels in the main cities of Europe that have been chosen by their centric location, hospitallity, services and facilities.

Our guests feel as comfortable as they do at their home as the apartments are much more spacius than the regular hotel rooms and they are fully equiped to do a regular life.

Business people, young couples, friends, families… All of them find in Kategora Places their home wherever they travel and apart from enjoying the city they have the chance also to spend some time in their apartments, cooking, drinking a wine in the terrace, whatching a movie…

With our memebership rewards programme, the more you stay with us the more discounts you will get in our apartment hotels guaranteeing you the same quality of service everywhere you go.

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