Chelsea Creek – Doulton House London




  • Invest in a unique combination of luxury,quality and incredible location.
  • We offer a sweet home in a marvelous place, without missing London’s vibration in Chelsea Creek.
  • 75 apartaments of 1,2 or 3 bedrooms.
  • Exclusive and private Spa and Fitness center.
  • 24 hour porter services.
  • Excellent communication with the main venues in the city, including the new train station  “Imperial Wharft“.
  • Promotion delivery by February of 2014




Investment keys

    • Excellent location ,in front of the historical riverside walk of Chelsea Creek.
    • Irresistible investment in the most demanded area of London.
    •  1350€/m2. 20% under local market price.
    • 1 bedroom apartments from £585,000.
    • Great rental demand in the whole area.
      • Annual return of 11%.
      • Annual revaluation of 5%.
      • Return of 6% by the rent.
    • With Kategora and our online property management platform QDEA, you will bet on a sure thing.


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chelsea creek          chelsea creek         chelsea creek

chelsea creek          chelsea creek         chelsea creek

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