The perfect time to make a London property investment

Property investors are looking to London for making investments. Wealthy Europeans are making moves out the failing Eurozone’s crisis hit economies and into the bricks and mortar of the UK’s capital. Asian investors are also taking note of the opportunities of London property investment with significant purchases being seen in both the residential and the commercial markets.

London offers a buoyant property market with a welcoming legal and tax regime. There is no capital gains tax on UK properties sold to buyers with non-resident tax status. With more than 40% of buyers coming from outside of the country the market will continue to avoid over-reliance on the UK economy. Even during the recession, the London property investments retains its place as one of the most desirable locations for overseas property investments.

Adding diversity to your investment portfolio now with a London property purchase makes good financial sense. In their quarterly Residential Lettings Survey published in April 2012, the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors reported that ‘Rents grew at the fastest pace inside the capital, but registered positive net balances in all regions. Looking ahead, surveyors are most optimistic about rents in London.’ A relatively inflation and recession proof investment in London property can provide an excellent source of additional retirement income.

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