Kategora UK is a Property Agency focused on offering property services such as selling your property, search and Management services in the UK to investors worldwide. We offer full advice to sellers and buyers of Residential property in the UK coupled with a fully integrated property management service.

We also offer Commercial Property Management services to high net worth individuals, Real Estate funds, Landlords and Tenants.

Clients of Kategora UK benefit from our Residential & Commercial Property Management software portal QDEA – the World’s leading Property Management tool – that offers an added value to our customers never given by the market before.

Kategora UK is also dedicated to providing Real Estate investment advisory services to private investors and institutions. We aim to bring a highly professional investment approach to our clients, with our in-depth knowledge of the UK property market. Kategora UK provides the expertise, services and discipline that investor’s need for a secure residential, commercial or office property investment and achieve maximum returns.

In Kategora our major goal is to be near our customers and their investments: On one hand each client maintains contact with its customer manager located in his nearest geographical office, which is responsible for auditing all properties regardless of where they are. On the other hand, every property has a property manager located in the city where the property is, which will be responsible for carrying out the daily management of the property.

kategora UK london office

Our Ethos is that excellent service underpins everything we do. Our management team, through their collective experience within the industry, understands this and places our client relationships and their long term goals above all else.

A chain is as strong as its weakest link. We select industry experts and weave them together with our core managers to create the strongest possible team for any particular project. We cherry pick the finest personnel for each particular task.