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Kategora Real Estate has offices in various parts of Europe, in cities where real estate market is growing rapidly, and demand for housing is high. Warsaw is the one of the cities, which is located Kategora Real Estate.

Due to the growing economic progress in Poland, Kategora Real Estate as a company investing in Real Estate in Warsaw, has the opportunity to develop the industry in the heart of Europe.

Over the next few years in Poland a market of demand for housing can be high, especially in the rental property. Reason for this increase in demand is UEFA European Football Championship 2012 which will be organized in Poland, in June this year, and also the fact that in 2004 Poland has become a member of The European Union. The events caused the influx of foreign investors to the country, especially in Warsaw. And they have the greatest impact on Polish position in the global economy.

The trend of development is set to continue for many years, due to the fact that the Polish market is competitive in relation to Western markets. In time of crisis, buying real estate in Warsaw is more profitable than other cities in the World.

Kategora Real Estate Poland provides investors stability and assurance that their properties are well managed. Guarantor of the quality of services offered by the company is the opinion of our customers.

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