Qdea - Property Management

Qdea.me is a unique program providing effective, full accounting of Real Estate. The effectiveness of a property management software qdea.me confirmed by the fact that it was based on many years of experience.

Qdea.me have access to both the property management as well as customers themselves. The data is constantly updated by our staff. This allows for efficient management and constant monitoring of property.

Kategora can offer its clients:

  • Up to date information on the current state of the property.
  • Photos and plans of the progress of works and housing status.
  • Tenant information.
  • Incoming and outgoing tenant information.
  • Relevant Documents and contracts. Itemised income and expenditure statements
  • ┬áincluding invoices.
  • Cashflow Generating tools.
  • Alerts system

A definitive tool for a perfect Property management.