Autumn – the best time to rent a property

Autumn is conducive to investors who want to rent a property, as from September increases in the number of people willing to live on the premises for rent.

Landlords have good reason to be pleased. Interest in rental housing translates into an increase in the profitability of the lease. Open Finance Calculations show that the average profitability amounts to 4.64 percent., Which means that it has increased by more than 0.6 percentage points. Today, leasing is more profitable than investment banking, where the interest rate is 4.28 percent. net of tax.

Although the upward trend in June in rental prices has been slightly slowed down, the experts assure – this is due to students who moved out of premises. In the autumn, when it begins to move at the universities and the labor market, the prices will return to the level of April and May. And again in the coming months could increase by a few percent.

The analysis conducted by the real estate site that increased interest in renting is seen from the second quarter of 2011

In the large Polish cities, housing prices have increased, this year to an average of 1000 zł. The most expensive presents a Warsaw market. Here, the average studio apartment owners expect 1550 zł.

Source: Gazeta Prawna

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