Buying a property for rent more profitable than ever.

Attractive property prices cause that with stable rental rates, increased profitability of investment in the property for rent.

Rising inflation and fluctuations in stock markets, makes handling of money in deposits or in investments funds associated with a high risk. In this case, real estate, especially as long-term investment, is one of the safest and giving quite decent investment profit – said Janusz Grygier, estate agent – In Poland, the last 10 years property prices have risen by over 100%. The real annual growth, after inflation was above 5 percent.

Index average net margin increased after September 2011 to 4,16 percent. Index calculated based on the current rental offers from the Site and prices of apartments. For several months we see a significant increase in customer interest in flats purchased “for rent” – said Bożena Taflińska Tadeusz.

In the following years apartments for rent will probably be even more profitable capital investment. Kategora Warsaw offers best services for buying real estate in capital of Poland. We help investors find the right property for rent, and then to arrange all needed procedures and then we manage rental of properties purchased by investors.


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