One of the most anticipated investment in Warsaw has been completed. Official opening of the North Bridge of Marie Curie – Sklodowska took place this weekend, on Saturday for pedestrians, and on Sunday for drivers.

The first plans of the construction of the bridge were already known in 2004, but they were systematically canceled due to errors and deficiencies in the projects. The bridge, which can be seen this weekend is an initiative founded in June 2007. The designer of the investment was Schüssler-office Ingenieurgesellschaft GmbH. The main contractor is Engineering Works Company Pol-Aqua. The project lasted for almost 3 years and the Polish authorities have paid for it over a billion zlotys.

Construction of the Northern Bridge is designed to solve problems related to communication and transport the north side of Warsaw. This stretch of road especially will be appreciated by Bialoleka’s residents, for whom Grota-Roweckiego Bridge was the only road leading to the west side of Warsaw. In addition, a route of North Bridge lead to the subway station Mlociny.

Residents of Bialoleka and Bielany will benefit from this investment. The most of all they will be able to move more quickly and effectively in other parts of Warsaw. Construction of Bridge of Marie Curie-Sklodowska will contribute to the popularity of the sites of capital, especially Białołęka. For a long time we can see an increase in the number of investment in this part of Warsaw.

The real estate market in Białołęka will be significant competition in relation to other residential areas, not only because of the construction of North Bridge, but also due to the attractive prices of apartments in this part of Warsaw.

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