Kategora Polska is relocating office in the central area of the Polish capital.


Due to extending with new apartments in the center of Warsaw, Kategora Polska made the decision to relocating office to a more spacious located in the central area of the Polish capital.

The decision to extend the Warsaw apartment coincides with the European Football Championships which is holding in the coming weeks in Poland and Ukraine. “In recent months We have seen a significant increase in hotel bookings in the area” – said Apraiz Kepa, managing partner of Kategora.

Panoramic views of Warsaw

Panoramic views of Warsaw

The relocation of the office in the central area of Warsaw provides opportunities of maintenance the growth’s trend to investing and  property management.

Over four years to the existence of  Kategora Warsaw, manages flats and apartments spread over 14 buildings in various districts of Warsaw and Krakow. Kategora’s team consists of six professionals in the management of real estate.

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