Kategora expands it is serviced apartments located in Warsaw.


Kategora Warsaw is one of the branches belonging to the Spanish company Kategora Bilbao, specializing in property management and serviced apartments in various European countries. In recent weeks Senator Warsaw has grown with new apartments in the center of Warsaw which can accommodate up to 112 guests every day.

This reform has been made in order to exploit the “tourist boom” in the country with the imminent conclusion of the European Football Championships (EURO2012). In addition, coincides with the relocation of the office Kategora to an area in the center of the Polish capital.

The establishment, Senator Warsaw, will now offer 28 rooms, 12 more than before, can accommodate daily to a total of 112 guests.

“The decision to extend this apartment hotel was made – explains Kepa Apraiz, General Manager of Kategora – due to the increasing demand of last years in a country with the best economic situation in the EU.” In his opinion, Warsaw has begun to be a new tourist destination among the capitals of Eastern Europe, which has forced remodeling and building new tourist facilities.

It is also said that the Eurocup championship, which is to be held in the coming weeks in Poland and Ukraine, “has been a catalyst for the operation.” Apraiz recognizes that in recent months there has been a significant increase in hotel bookings in the area.

The decision to extend the Senator Warsaw rooms coincides with the relocation of his office to a more spacious apartment located in the central area of the Polish capital. Kategora Warsaw currently has six professionals in the management of real estate.

Kategora Polska opened four years ago, manages almost 225 properties (flats and apartments) spread over 14 buildings in various districts of Warsaw and Krakow, which is the second city of Slavic country. The owners of most of these properties are Spanish investors.

Moreover, the Basque company provides with the opportunity to purchase flats in Warsaw to the investors and the possibility to obtain high rental incomes, because the city is the business and administrative center of the country.

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