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KATEGORA Poland (Warsaw) is one of the leading and the fastest growing property management agencies in Central Europe. We exist on Warsaw real estate market since 2008. The dynamic development allows us to continually raise the standards of business. We are a company administering and managing real estate.

We offer services in finding, selling and furnishing property management. In our work we use our own specialized software, including a full accounting, detailed accountancy of the owners and management support, which was based on our long-term experience.

Kategora Warsaw real estate have specialized teams of employees (including managers licensed) dedicated to support the new property, received directly from the developers. The specificity each of the property requires a well-prepared and well-chosen team with appropriate experience.

Successfully, we implement the unique standards of service, so that each of our clients will feel special and safe. We treat each of client individually, constantly we keep in touch with our customers, so that they can have a access to information concerning his property. Our customers do not waste time searching for tenants for their apartments, we do it for them. Also we monitor the leased property and let’s see if it is used properly.

Kategora Warsaw real estate is focused on maintaining solid relationships with clients, so our customer manager creates an appropriate team which benefits from gained experience every day.

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