KATEGORA INVESTMENT (FRANCHISER): Our main task is to transfer the know how to the new branches, establishing the rules of co-operation between the branches and auditing the quality of services and the investment opportunities offered in different countries.

  • Marketing department: We train the branches to give them the tools to increase the number of customers: Client Data Bases, marketing material, sales channels, press, web content, newsletters, client surveys
  • Administrative department: We provide to the brances all the necessary documents to close the deals: service agreements, Power of Attorneys, bank forms, property management procedure…
  • Financial department: We provide to the branches the tools to control the invoicing, cash flow and treasury.
  • Commercial department: We train the agents on investment oportunities, market knowledge, services, sales channels, CRM
  • Human Resources Department: We help the branches to hire the best profesionals in the market.
  • Software: We train the branches to be more efficient using our own developed software: Property Management ERP, Hotel Management and our main site:

KATEGORA BRANCHES (FRANCHISING): There are two type of branches that makes the business model of Kategora attractive to the customer:

  • COMMERCIAL BRANCH: These branches are close to the landlords that own overseas properties: They are focused on making new customers, CRM, auditing their cash flows and keeping the customers updated and trying to offer them new investment opportunities that come from other Kategora branches.
  • ADMINISTRATIVE BRANCH: These branches are close to the assets. They are focused on the real estates management. Their main task is to manage the properties through rentals, keep contact with the tenants, get the best yield and keep in touch with the commercial branches.

FEEs: The fees for the services are shared between all the BRANCHES according to the commercial revenues and administrative efforts.

COMMUNITIES: Every 6 months all the managers of the branches meet together in a different location to talk about the new investment oportunities, business.